Best Easy To Clean Juicers in 2020 – Top 7 Reviewed

If you like juicing but do not feel like cleaning the juicer then NO WORRY! Luckily there is a handful of easy to clean juicers available that are also affordable in price. When you have an easy to clean juicer, this will make your life easier since it saves time so that you can do other household or something you love. 

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is the best easy to clean juicer choice among people who are into juicing like you. A slow masticating juicer is a common household appliance for producing juice from celery, spinach or kale.

In this guide I am going to share the details about this easy to clean juicer including 6 other top choices, so continue reading the whole guide.

Best easy to clean juicers in the market

We have already mentioned that the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is the best rated easy to clean juicer in the market. We reviewed this awesome juicer, let’s discuss why this one is the best. 

Why is Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor the best?

To provide the maximum juice yield, most nutrition, minimal oxidation – this juicer has the upgraded 7 spiral system. When making a glass of juice, Aicok juicer will not clog and provides a less foaming juice as it has the reverse function.

No juicer can beat the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer in terms of use &  cleaning. Talking about hassle-free installation and disassembling a juicer, Aicok is your best friend because it has a universal button that lets you handle both the jobs easily. 

It has been a trademark for the juicer as cleaning up the juicer is an extremely easy task since all the parts are removable plus dishwasher-safe.

While the juicer in use, it is quiet. It creates less than 60 decibels noise so your baby or family members will not feel disturbed in the morning or at any time.  Another best thing about Aicok is – it’s a super affordable one. 

What did users say about the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor?

Compared to other Masticating juicers, this Aicok Masticating Juicer is very famed to the users. Mostly the leafy green juice lovers are very satisfied with their purchase. They can produce pulp-free juice within a matter of time as the juicer is easy to assemble. 

The users think this juicer cleans like magic since the parts are dishwasher safe and it provides hassle-free cleaning. Some of the users consider this juicer is a life-changing purchase for them for its high-quality performance.

Rather than other juicers, Aicok is less pricey yet it is durable – the users can use this wonderful appliance for many years to come. 

Features of Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Spiral System

The spiral system has been upgraded besides the 7 segments capable of opening each cell of the fruits or veggies for the higher liquids with nutritions. This juicer runs at 80 RPM so you will get quick juice. 

Simple Assemble & Use

Aicok is quick & easy to assemble, also, dissemble with the push of a one-button. This has a two-direction switch (On & R) that makes this juicer easy to use.  

“On” is used for normal running, on the other hand, to release ingredients & clean the machine without clogging, “R” spins in the opposite direction. 

Easy to Clean 

Each piece of this juicer provides an efficient with fast cleaning process since it is a dishwasher safe juicer. It comes with a cleaning brush that makes the cleaning easier. 


It has a quiet motor so the environment will quiet during the juicer in use. Every morning when your family member sleeps, you can give them a surprise. 

Another 6 easy to clean juicers review

Above we’ve mentioned the best juicer on the market, still, if you want to learn more about other easy to clean juicers, then read the rest of the guide. Here we’re going to talk about 6 more easy to clean juicers in the market in 2020.

Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra 1100W Power


  • Mueller juicer provides dual-speed versatility that is speed “1” another is speed “2”. 
  • It needs 8 seconds to make a 16-oz cup of juice.
  • The juicer parts are dishwasher safe plus BPA-free made.  
  • The micro-mesh filter is made of Italian that extracts high nutrients.
  • The weight is 2.2 pounds. 
  • 2-years warranty.

How this juicer benefits its user

Until all the parts are not installed properly, the juicer will not start while another safety feature is the automatic shut off. If the juicer gets overloaded or jammed this will shut off the machine. 

The locking bar connected to the auto shut-off switch that provides the highest safety. Mueller juicer is easy to use & dishwasher parts offer simple cleaning. You can make juice quickly also, this juicer is very durable. 

What user said about it

Muller juicer users are very satisfied by using this amazing juicer since it takes a little time as we mentioned above. This is not loud so the customers can use this juicer every morning. The cleaning process makes life easier for users. 

This is a great juicer without any doubt but between the top piece and pulp basin, the juicer should have a rubber gasket.

Aicok Masticating Juicer


  • This juicer rotated at 60-80 RPM.
  • It has a 3” whole juicer chute that takes a little space on the kitchen countertop. 
  • Aicok Masticating Juicer comes with a pre-clean function with a brush.
  • The materials of the juicer are BPA-free that is corrosion and heat-resistance.
  • The motor base is quiet while in use. 
  • Easy to assemble.

How this juicer benefits its user

This juicer provides the higher, in addition, fresher nutritive juices, the juicer can separate the juice from pulp automatically, easy to fit most of the cabinets, offers fast cleaning since it comes with pre-cleaning features – these things make this juicer best to its users. 

Regular cleaning helps to increase the lifespan of this juicer, moreover, this can last many years to come.

What user said about it

The user finds this juicer very effective than other traditional juicers. People can drink their favorite juice with no pulp. Aicok masticating juicer is easy to use as it has a wide mouth that makes the loading process simple.

This machine is not loud, another reason people love this juicer for its easy cleaning process.

Aicok Wide Mouth Juice Extractor Dual Speed Centrifugal Juicer


  • It provides 304 stainless steel sharp blades along with a three-layer mesh filter. 
  • This is a dual-speed juicer with anti-drip function. 
  • While the juicer in use makes less noise. 
  • 2-years warranty. 

How this juicer benefits its user

You can add the whole fruits or veggies, and the dual-speed makes juices quicker than other juicers on the market. It runs at a high-speed yet it is less noisy.

This juicer is safer to use since it is equipped with non-slip rubber feet, which helps to keep the juicer stable. There are no leaking issues, the juicer has anti-drip juice mouth. 

What user said about it

The lazy users are excited with this juicer – they don’t need to cut the ingredients, furthermore, this juicer is dishwasher safe. This is a quality product for the price. It is a safe juicer, there is an overload protection system contained on the juicer. People are 100% satisfied with this juicer, they recommend others to buy this. 

Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer Machine Extractor


  • Mueller ultra juicer has a 3-inch feed chute that reduces the juice prep time, also, has a smaller feed chute. 
  • This machine runs at 60 RPM.
  • It comes with the pre-clean function, also, there is an anti-drip design available. 
  • Easy to install and all the parts are BPA-free. 

How this juicer benefits its user

To reduce the possibility of any accidents, the juicer will not operate until all the parts are not correctly attached or installed. People can make both soft along with tough items to get a pulp-free highest juice. 

The pre-clean feature is the added convenience also, has a 2 years warranty that can last more than 3 to 4 years. 

What user said about it

Green juice lovers like this juicer very much as they can drink fresh juice. As per the price, this is a decent juicer so people on a budget are happy with their purchase. There is a pre-cleaning program also available that makes sure hassle-free clean. One of the drawbacks of this juicer is, it’s a bit bulky but looks great.

Hamilton Beach Pro Juicer Machine


  • Hamilton Beach Pro has 800W power. 
  • The size of the large chute is 3”.
  • The cleaning is easy as the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.
  • 3-years of the limited warranty from the date of purchase. 

How this juicer benefits its user

Within a few seconds, it can extract juice from fruits or vegetables. This is a versatile juicer so you can also make rice, soy or almond milk. At a time, users can add 2 or 3 carrots or other fruits or veggies to make juice. 

There is a pulp container, it provides the user simply to clean due to the dishwasher safe parts. 

What user said about it

This fantastic juicer users claim they are much happy with this juicer, and they can drink fresh juice every day.  People can make many liquids as it is a versatile juicer. 

It has also drawbacks – (i) a little noisy but users are okay with it, (ii) it is not ideal to operate the juicer for a long time. 

Bagotte Dual-speed Juicer Machine


  • This juicer provides dual-speed modes with anti-drip function.
  • It gives safety lock design along with overheating protection. 
  • Simple to assemble & disassemble. 
  • With 2 years warranty, lifelong technical consultation is available. 

How this juicer benefits its user

This juicer has safety features to reduce accidents, with the dual-speed function, people can make juice quickly. People can clean this juicer both by hand or dishwashing machine. 

It has an effective juicing power yet it is less noisy. The easy to assemble makes this outstanding from traditional juicers. 

What user said about it

Some of the users claim that this dual-speed juicer is the best purchase than other juicers. People who have a shortage of space on the countertop, are pretty happy as it takes less space on the counter. 

They loved the compact design very much. Bagotte dual-speed juicer is a great product also, it is a great value for the money. 

What Factors to Consider Before Buying an Easy to Use Juicer?

Here are 5 things that you should consider before buying a juicer … 

  1. Your Budget – Before buying a juicer the first thing you should consider is your budget. Always try to buy a high-quality juicer and for this,  you have to pay a little extra. Remember, you will get what you pay like most things in life. 
  2. Warranty –  Another thing you should consider is the warranty. Choose a juicer that will be durable as you will not buy a juicer often. 
  3. Cleaning – A juicer requires regular cleaning together with well maintained, so try to find a juicer and buy that you can take the best care. If you take proper care then the juicer will serve you for many years. Find a juicer that provides hassle-free clean.
  4. Time – If you are a busy person, you will need a juicer that can make juice quickly than other juicers. On the market, many juicers are available that can make juice faster that also saves your time. 
  5. Capability – Last but not least, never skip this feature to consider before buying a juicer. Check the juicer capability whether it can meet your needs or not. Choose a juicer that can make juice from the softest item to tough items to leafy greens.


Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is the best juicer on the market these days as we said. This is the finest juicer for the people who are seeking an easy to use and clean juicer. 

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer would be the best choice especially for the people who are lazy since the cleanup is a breeze. You can choose this juicer to buy. 

Also, you can choose one juicer from the 6 other juicers that we discuss, these are also easy to use, as well as clean. Take into consideration your personal preference then make your wise juicer buy. 

Happy Juicing! 

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