How To Tell If Orange Juice Is Bad

Due to the citrus’s sweet, sour flavor, most of us enjoy orange juice. However, have I ever questioned something like, “Can orange juice go bad”? We’re confident that at some point in your life, you may have accidentally left an open bottle of orange juice in the refrigerator for too long, resulting in that weird rancid taste and odor. 

Perhaps you’ve come here to find the exact cause of the smell. I will therefore provide all the information you require about spoiled orange juice in this article. So continue reading because it will be a short journey. 

What Are The Signs Of Spoiled Orange Juice? 

An orange juice that has gone rotten is completely natural for fruit juice. Similarly, when orange juice goes bad, some specific signs make it easy to identify that the juice has been expired. Therefore, I have included all the signs below that your orange Juice is past its expiration date. 

Rancid Smell 

If you enjoy orange juice, you are familiar with its exact scent. It tastes fresh, sweet, and sour. However, if the juice somehow smells sour and rotten, you can be sure it has gone bad and needs to be thrown away. By smelling alcohol or vinegar, you can quickly determine whether your orange juice is still OK. Immediately discard the orange juice if you notice the smell.


As previously said, orange juice has a sweet, tangy, and extremely fresh fruity taste. But if orange juice begins to taste bitter or alcoholic, it is wise to assume that the juice is not safe to consume. Ensure that you carefully dispose of the spoiled orange juice in a trash can or sink

Color Change

You are aware of the bright, pastel orange color of orange juice. You can tell the orange juice is spoiled if it has a dark pale or reddish-orange color. Therefore, do not consume orange juice once you detect that color. If the orange juice is in a can, it could be difficult to tell what color it is. So, to examine the color, pour some orange juice into a glass.

Moldy or Bacteria Spotting 

when you suspect there may be a possibility that the orange juice is contaminated Ensure that the juice is mold-free. The mold is a brownish-green shading and will grow on the juice’s surface. If you notice such on your juice, you may be sure it is over its expiration date. Therefore, discard the juice. 

The presence of sediments

Some freshly prepared orange juice may have little orange chunks for you to chew on while drinking. however, if those orange chunks in your drink turn into dark lumps. This is one additional indication that the orange juice is contaminated. 


There are canned orange juices available. Therefore, if the orange juice in the can seems bloated, it has expired. Inside the package, gas is forming, which is why it looks swollen. then the juice must be discarded because it is poisonous. 

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How To Tell If Your Orange Juice Has Gone Bad 

Although indications that orange juice is bad have already been highlighted, there are still some additional signs that can convince you that your orange juice is well over its expiration date. 

  • The package is the first to examine for an alarm sign; see if the bottle has a hole, the packet is torn, or the seal is damaged. These changes may indicate that your orange juice has gone bad.
  • Additionally, you should look to see whether the packing has expanded or has a bulging container. This happens because gas builds up inside the container, which encourages the growth of microorganisms and causes the packet to swell because there is no way for the gas to escape. 
  • The orange juice can be smelled to determine the situation if you cannot identify the signs. If you notice a fermented scent, you can be sure that your orange juice has gone bad.
  • A little bit of orange juice can also be tasted; if it tastes sour and effervescent, the orange is poor.
  • In addition to all of these reasons, the worst is that it’s best to throw away orange juice that has been opened for an extended period in the refrigerator. because microorganisms are growing there. 

Round-Up On Orange Juice 

Orange juice can be rounded up by conducting the steps that follow. 

  • The orange juice container can be casually stored at room temperature if it is not opened. Additionally, after opening the orange juice container, the rest should be stored in the fridge
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that if you purchase unopened orange juice from the refrigerator section, you should store it similarly. 
  • Fresh orange juice that has been squeezed can be kept in the fridge for 48 hours.
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How To Store Orange Juice Properly? 

It’s a good idea to learn how to properly preserve orange juice after dealing with an expired batch to prevent further waste. The steps listed below will help your orange juice last much longer. 

Room Temperature storage 

  1. Due to the pasteurization process used during production, orange juice in a sealed container can be kept at room temperature. and if left unopened, this kind of orange juice can last for at least a year. 
  2. Store the orange juice far away from the sun. 
  3. regularly check that the container is completely sealed. 


The remaining orange juice should be refrigerated once you have opened the bottle to sip from it. 

Home-Made Orange Juice 

If you prepare orange juice at home, get a decent mason jar or glass container with an airtight lid to store it in. This orange juice can be kept in a refrigerator for at least two to three days. 

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How Long Can You Keep Orange Juice?

It is well known that various types of orange juice have different lifespans. This is because professionally manufactured orange juice, which is either sold in a bottle or in a frozen form, is created with preservatives to extend its shelf life past that of homemade orange juice.  For further information on how to keep orange juice, see the list below. 

Homemade Fresh Orange Juice 

Making your own orange juice at home is the finest way to drink it. It is not only fresh but also packed with healthy ingredients. However, because these juices are free of all preservatives, they have a shorter shelf life than the orange juice that has been produced. 

Thus, it can be assumed that freshly squeezed orange juice can be kept for at least 2 to 3 days and consumed within that time frame.

Bottle Orange Juice 

There are two types of bottle orange juice: one is in the freezer section and the other is on the shelf at the room temperature.

likewise, the shelf lives of the two orange juices vary.

Orange juice won’t last longer at room temperature if it is kept in the refrigerator. Moreover, it has an unrefrigerated shelf life of at least two hours. 

However, if you store unopened orange juice in the freezer, it will stay fresh for 9–10 days.  

Last but not least, unopened orange juice can be kept for 2 to 9 months. however, once opened, the lifespan is just about 9 to 10 days. 

Canned Orange Juice 

Compared to other types of orange juice, canned orange juice has a longer shelf life. The use of chemicals and preservatives in its production prevents orange juice from spoiling soon. Orange juice is heated throughout the production process to eliminate germs and tiny organisms before it is sold in a can. However, every brand’s canned orange juice has a different shelf life. The canned oranges can be kept for at least a year if they are not opened. however, orange juice only lasts about 9–10 days after opening. 

The Risk Of Consuming An Expired Orange Juice 

Any food that has passed its expiration date poses a serious risk to your health. So it makes no difference that drinking orange juice that has gone bad. Immediately following the expiration date, the juice slowly begins to deteriorate. Commercial orange juice is produced by the fermentation process, and once exposed to air, the fermentation converts sugar to alcohol, causing the development of dangerous bacteria and microorganisms, including Salmonella and Escherichia coli. 

Expired orange juice has a very high likelihood of causing food poisoning, such as diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. If you drink out-of-date orange juice, you should seek immediate medical attention since the effects could be serious.

You should be aware that orange juice from a store will never taste the same as orange juice from a fresh orange juice. thus you need to be extra careful. 

How To Thaw Frozen Orange Juice? 

You can defrost frozen orange juice in a few different ways so that it is ready to drink.

 The first, simplest step is to transfer the orange juice from a freezer to a refrigerator. Since it takes at most 12 hours for the frozen orange juice to completely thaw, it is best to remove it at night.

  • Alternatively, you might defrost your orange juice using warm water. by setting the orange juice bottle in a warm basin and giving it some time.
  • The quickest method for defrosting frozen orange juice is to microwave it. 


Why Should You Drink Orange Juice? 

Orange juice should be consumed because it is high in phytonutrients. This will prevent free radicals from harming your body cells. Additionally, drinking orange juice naturally helps in maintaining a healthy heart. preventing any cardiac diseases of any kind. It also helps with cancer and diabetes. 

Can You Freeze Orange Juice? 

Yes, you can freeze any kind of orange juice. It either comes from a store or is freshly squeezed. All work well in the freezer and keep for a long time, like 2 to 9 months. 

What Happens If You Drink Bad Orange Juice? 

Orange juice that has gone bad could be quite harmful to your health. It might result in food poisoning, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and a fever. therefore, immediate medical attention is required. 

Is Unopened Expired Juice Safe To Drink? 

Drinking unopened, expired orange juice is unsafe. The reason for this is that commercial orange juice has a lot of additives even though the package is sealed. , and are granted a specific shelf life, after which it immediately begins to degrade. Therefore, it’s possible that the microscopic organism has already started to grow, leading to the creation of gas. so even though it hasn’t been opened, it can still be dangerous. 

Can You Get Sick From Drinking Unrefrigerated Orange  Juice?

There are two types of orange juice in bottles: one in the freezer and the other on a shelf at room temperature. It is completely okay to consume orange juice if it is meant to be stored at room temperature. If orange juice is purchased from the freezer section and is not thereafter maintained in the refrigerator, there is a chance that you could become ill after drinking that unrefrigerated orange juice.



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