Why Is Celery Juice Good For You and It’s Side Effects

When we are more indulged in fast foods and refined sugar, a glass of celery juice detoxes us, provides us with sufficient nutrients and helps us to lose some weight.

Why Is Celery Juice Good For You and It’s Side Effects

Drinking Celery juice has so many benefits however, to some extent there are some side effects too. But what they are? Or, in what situations a person needs to avoid drinking celery juice? So, make sure you know before drinking it.

We will cover each and every question regarding Celery juice in this article. So make sure you stick to us at the end.

What has a glass of celery juice?

Celery is half of a carrot, and it comes from a carrot family. So the glass of celery juice comes from blending and straining Celery ingredients. A full-fledged Celery stalks pack with tons of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A & K mostly, Potassium and then folate. In short, it concentrates mostly on minerals of sodium Castro salts that help restore your HDL levels and relax your liver out of toxins.

Top 10 Popular health benefits of Celery Juice

Celery juice has already brought attention to the health enthusiasts and so it is worth describing some of the health benefits of it that are proved by the nutritionist. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

  1. Healing and activating the gut by injecting Hydrochloric acid: Things you do know about Celery juice is it helps your gut. But how does it help? Well, now you think which thing fuels the digestion, maybe the answer lies in. It is Hydrochloric acid which is an auxiliary force of the stomach acid that breaks the food down. So when natural stomach acid unable to do that stuff alone then the Hydrochloric acid from the Celery juice joins the team and makes your gut alive.
  1. Celery juice lowers Cholesterol level: A glass of Celery juice contains 3-n-butylphthalide and researchers have seen it provides lipid-lowering action and so reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL) out of our bloodstream.
  1. It works as a natural anti-inflammatory: Celery juice popularly known as a drink that heals the chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. It posses the Polyacetylene and for that, it can soothe the nerves and makes us relaxed and calm from the pain.
  1. Celery juice assists Liver functions: As you know our Liver does not perform at the same pace and sometimes it requires help for that some foods aid to it and Celery juice is one of them. One of the main benefits of a glass of Celery juice produces enzymes that flush out the toxins out of our bodies. Besides that, it helps to lose weight to a great extent.
  1. Why Is Celery Juice Good For You and It’s Side EffectsIt fights with the infection: Many researchers have found that Celery contains antimicrobial properties that boost our immune system so that our immune system fights well with the existing infection and kicks out all of them. Moreover, it lowers down the uric acid and brings more urine production which is essential to fight with bacterial infections. As a result, we can see that our digestive tract, reproductive organs, kidney, and bladder remain safe from the disorders.
  1. Improves digestion: We have already mentioned how it helps our liver. Again, it helps the digestive system by increasing the circulation in the intestines and let the stuff go and move. Hence, it is good for you especially when you are facing the bloating, puffiness, constipation issues. Above all, you will find it as a natural laxative and diuretic substance.
  1. Lowering the blood pressure: It allows blood vessels from expanding to contracting at great ease, improving the flow of potassium and calcium in body cells, and acting as a muscle relaxant. As a result, the whole thing reduces blood pressure to a great extent.
  1. Source of powerful antioxidants & Cancer healing compounds: Celery juice could be a winsome drink as it has antioxidants like flavonoids. This special type of flavonoid is Apigenin that leads to fighting with the cancer cells. Besides the polyacetylenes are found in the Celery which surprisingly comes as chemo-protective compounds. For that, we may find to reduce the toxicity of the cells and at the same time boost immunity. Finally, you can see the growth of mutated cells in the cancerous place.
  1. Source of alkaline food: Celery food has found as one of the sources of the alkaline diet. As a result, it will raise our pH and result in reducing acidic substances in the gut, promotes weight loss and helps to fight diseases. However, the researches are still going on to prove it strongly.
  1. Celery juice is nutritious: As we mentioned earlier that a glass of Celery juice packed with Vitamins and Minerals so it is a source of nutritious juice. The essential Vitamins you will get like Vitamin C, K, A, and B6 also the Minerals would be folate and potassium. Furthermore, it prevents us from UV induced damages by luteolin. Therefore, some skincare experts suggest people have a glass of Celery juice in order to heal the skin properties and to clear up the skin from acne.

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Note: This is all about the popular belief of Celery juice health benefits and some of them have proved and some of them still in the laboratory to get strong evidence. If you want to know more like how the Celery juice helps to deal with specific diseases then check out below.

Does celery juice help with chronic inflammation?

It is strongly believed and proven by many types of research that a glass of fresh Celery juice contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that cause reversing inflammation process. So it is one of the anti-inflammatory liquids. The properties of Celery can cause to starve the pathogens, as a result, it can cure the illness.

Will celery juice help with weight loss?

Celery juice contains a few calories with tons of fibers so it helps to lose our weight. Besides, when it digests to our system then it brings more energy to the body keeping the fewer calories it can, as a result, it is fond of the weight loss enthusiast.

Does celery juice help you “detox?”

Celery is a natural source of detox and thus flushes out the harmful substance from our liver. Moreover, it fuels to function properly our liver, kidneys, and reproductive organs too. The detoxification is a must for the kidneys and it plays a vital role over there at the same time it helps to get rid of the gunk that our body doesn’t need to keep.

Why Is Celery Juice Good For You and It’s Side Effects

Celery juice negative side effects:

After reading all the 10 benefits of Celery, now you must know the side effects of it. However, the side-effects are minimalistic and some people who have some specific disorders only if they should avoid it.

During Pregnancy: During pregnancy, it is better to avoid the Celery oils and seeds as it is likely unsafe to take these by months. Apart from this, Celery juice could be still a bit safe but we recommend you not to drink it or drink it in a minimalistic amount. It may cause the uterus miscarriage so to be on the safe side to avoid it while you are pregnant.

Allergies: People who tend to be sensitive to the allergy then it is better to avoid Celery juice. By the way, the carrot is also forbidden to allergic people so be with the celery as a member of the carrot family.

Bleeding disorder: While you are having bleeding disorders then it is wise to keep avoiding the Celery juice. Because it increases the risk of bleeding especially when you are treating with the medicinal amounts. So make sure you stop drinking Celery juice at that time.

Kidney problems: Celery is good for the kidney as it helps to flush out the toxins out of it. However, while you are having the kidneys disorder then it may behave reversely and becomes harmful, so it is better to avoid it.

Low blood pressure: As you know, the Celery helps to lower blood pressure so it is good for the people who have already higher blood pressure conversely, bad for the people who already have low blood pressure.

Surgery: Celery is good for the nervous system but not all the time, especially when you have gone through surgery. It may impact in a bad manner, especially when you are applied with the anesthesia and other medications during that time. Hence, we recommend you to stop taking Celery juice at least 15 days before you are scheduled for surgery.

NOTE: These are some exceptions when you should avoid drinking Celery juice. Apart from these issues, you can drink it without any health hazards at all.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Many people  still don’t know some common things about Celery juice so we put the answers below:

How much Celery juice should you drink?

If you are used to drinking the Celery juice then you should drink a cup of juice and then increase the amount gradually. However, we recommend you to drink up to 2 cups of juice that is approx 16 ounces.

Does the Celery have to be organic?

You should prefer it but not mandatory for every time you drink. While using the non-organic celery, ensure that you clean all the stock and then rinse them properly. The good news is Celery is not that kind of veggies that are applied with pesticides.

When should you drink Celery juice?

Celery is a great source of detox substance that causes to flush out the harmful substance from the gut. Keeping this in mind, it is better to drink it in the morning hour while you have an empty stomach. Besides, it would be good for you before you go to bed.

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What does celery do to your body?

Celery juice has a steady effect on our blood sugar and it is a concentration of sodium mostly. So when one drinks it the Sodium, Vitamins, and Minerals get easily mix with the blood sugar and provide a number of health benefits especially detox the body, and remove the anti-inflammatory substances.

How long does it take for celery juice to work?

Celery juice easily goes inside the digestive system as a watery fluid, and thus it takes 20 minutes to start working.

Why do people drink celery instead of juicing?

Celery juice could be an alternative to drink other juices. Because it aids to raise acidic substances due to having sodium. Therefore, the presence of it boosts the digestive system in no time. Whereas, most of the juices fail to do the same.

Final thought

Investigating on Celery juice, most of the nutritionists find it healthy juice such as it helps to produce acid and causes better digestion. Furthermore, the antioxidants boost the immune system and many more benefits we have mentioned earlier. So when you don’t have a problem with sodium consumption then there is no risk of drinking Celery juice and thus you can make your day great.

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